A Final Push to complete my second degree, Art History and Curatorship was the main aim for this year. And it was worth the effort. I enjoyed the graduation far more than I had expected and the whole family celebrated and acknowledged this incredible achievement and hard work.


Another amazing year of creativity, travel and achievements.

The highlight would be completing of my double degree at the Australian National University, graduating late last year.

Completed in 2018 - Visual Arts degree and Art History and Curatorship degree.

I also facilitated a 10 week course, a community based program to offer new skills for older participants. It finished with a wonderful exhibition held at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre.

A textile residency in Iceland has been an experience that has allowed me to clear my mind of clutter and re focus and plan the next 12 months

A phone call at 1 am while in Iceland has been another highlight when I was informed I have been selected from over 600 entries to be one of the 45 works to be displayed in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize.

2017 A Years Work for an Exhibition

Another busy year as I extend my practice to include drawings with pencils and ink.  It has been a productive time as I was accepted into two more exhibits this year including the prestigious and competitive exhibition PIN 7 at ANCA, Canberra.  I used some simple techniques to construct PINs or brooches with counting blocks.  

I was invited to join a group of national artists who are enjoying the natural world of birds, capturing the connection with birds and humans . This exhibit was curated by Narelle Phillips and was officially opened by Deborah Clarks, Canberra Museum and Gallery Senior Curator. 

Over a total of 52 weeks I will be working with mixed media, including paper, ink and embroidery techniques to 'capture' birds I have met. Each week I have completed a bird using the best technique to suit the character and soul of the bird.  Each one is given a name to suit his/her character and will be displayed later this year. This is designed as a travelling exhibit for rural venues and overseas opportunities. 

This will be my first major solo exhibition.  

I have also been studying for my Art History and Curatorship degree at ANU, so it has been busy and interesting year. 



2016 Graduation and a corridor exhibition at M16

A year of preparation for our ANU Graduation Show.  Not wanting to be like the others, I just had to paint my allocated space pink. No more "white cubes for me!"

I have always been drawn to textile artworks that speak with words and symbols.  During my final year of my Visual Art Degree, I explored English language evolving to such an extent that it was not always understandable and created “fragments of a lost language.”

I am influenced by the relationship between words, meaning and interpretation. The English language evolves, and seemingly more rapidly today as technology, social media and cultural change occurs in our society. The aim of my final piece (or pieces) is to make a connection between women stitchers of the past who embroidered messages and communication on samplers.  I want to deconstruct the basic stitches used in their communication samplers, such as cross stitch and running stitch to encode and deconstruct. The final piece is aimed at transposing the Victorian sentiment into a contemporary setting.  The samplers will consist of simple marks to create a logic of language.

Momentum is a group of four artists who meet regularly to continue to explore and encourage each other and with group sprit we apply for one or two exhibitions per year. Dutch courage and group fortitude is a great combination to share a space. This year we were accepted to M16 in Canberra for a group exhibition, simply called "RED."  Concentrating on embroidery I happliy explore social issues attached to this colour. 

2015 The Pod Braddon

Sharing the limelight with 6 other talented Textile artists, we held an exhibition at The Pod in Braddon for two weeks. I sold most of the stock including some beautiful brooches and scarves. The framed work was well received and most of the stock sold. The commissioned works have now picked up and I am now in a private collection in the USA. 

2014 Commission Complete

A wonderful client launching a new restaurant, NH8 in Gungahlin Canberra. I was allowed to decorate the entrance with much colour and symbolism. 

This was also my second year of my visual arts degree were every day is a steep learning curve and my brain is challenged with new knowledge and ideas. I am learning to see rather than just look and develop new skills every day. 

2013 ANU Visual Arts Degree

February 18 is the beginning of a new direction for me. Taking the path of creative learning I have been accepted into the ANU School of Art for a Visual Arts degree. Introduced to 101 in many art forms I became familiar with various techniques used in textiles. Embroidery got me hooked and this is where my direction now take me. I have became very research based and exploring ideas, social and political issues of the day give me ideas for exhibitions.