2017 A Years Work for an Exhibition

Another busy year as I extend my practice to include drawings with pencils and ink.  It has been a productive time as I was accepted into two more exhibits this year including the prestigious and competitive exhibition PIN 7 at ANCA, Canberra.  I used some simple techniques to construct PINs or brooches with counting blocks.  

I was invited to join a group of national artists who are enjoying the natural world of birds, capturing the connection with birds and humans . This exhibit was curated by Narelle Phillips and was officially opened by Deborah Clarks, Canberra Museum and Gallery Senior Curator. 

Over a total of 52 weeks I will be working with mixed media, including paper, ink and embroidery techniques to 'capture' birds I have met. Each week I have completed a bird using the best technique to suit the character and soul of the bird.  Each one is given a name to suit his/her character and will be displayed later this year. This is designed as a travelling exhibit for rural venues and overseas opportunities. 

This will be my first major solo exhibition.  

I have also been studying for my Art History and Curatorship degree at ANU, so it has been busy and interesting year.